How We Work


Learn more about our methodology, our procedures & how we communicate with our clients.



We send you a form where you can describe your entire project with the details. This works as our brief.


We send you a quotation regarding the project you described in the form.


We send you the task completed, you share feedback and we create the best art traying to accomplish your expectation. 


Every single day, we update your client board, where you will be able to check all the details about your projects, including the costa of them, and which is your remanent of hours of work.

Task name:

The main name which will be used to identify the task.


Type of task, such as Whitepapaer, brochure, social media set, logos, etc.

Other task type:

If it s another type, you will be able to describe it here.


Genaral and detailed description of the task


All the attachments you think would be useful for us

Branding to use:

Your company branding, website, or any reference you would like to take as the main one

Deliverable specs:

What you expect to receive from us, such as PDF, SVG, MP4, etc

Any preference of software to use:

Like Adobe InDesign, PowerPoint, Keynote, After Effects, etc

Our Project Management System


The board is optimized to show aAA the details of the tasks and projects that are being worked on, including three options of view, one to expose the details of the task, stages of the tasks, and the form to create a new graphic design task.

There are three view options, which are:

1. Tasks list.

This List shows the details of the task, including the hourly rate, time worked on the task, the total amount of money invested on the task, the designer behind the task

2. Board

This board is to expose the stages of all the tasks that is being worked on, each stage has a different purpose, which are:


To-do: Here are going to be the tasks when they are just created, to the account manager, to establish the budget or estimate time to complete the task.


Budget approval: If it’s needed your approval to start with the task, this stage is used when the task is set with the estimated cost or time to complete the task.


Ready to design: When all is set start working on the task.


Working on: When a designer is working on the task, and tracking time on it.


Internal revision: This is a round of revisions of the lead designer and the account manager to make sure that the task accomplishes the requirements established for the client.


Ready for feedback: The task is complete to your revision, which means your feedback about the task. This feedback can be done in a separate document such as a PowerPoint document, or even by making comments in the document delivered. Once the feedback is made, the task comes back to ready to design.


Closed or canceled: When a task is closed or canceled.


Complete: When a task is complete.

3. Task request

Here is where you can create any task, this is going to be assigned to the account manager, who is going to establish the estimated time to complete the task:

Requester (company or personal name): The name of the person who is requesting the compliance of the task can be a person or the company.


Task name: The task will be recognized with this name.


Task description: You have to describe the task here, all details are welcome and needed.


Branding to use: The place to attach all the branding aspects.


Due date: The date on which the task has to be delivered.


Attachments: The place to attach all the files that you consider needed to complete the task.


Type of project: How the task can be categorized.


Any preference of software to use (like Illustrator, photoshop): The software preferences.


Format of deliverables (extension of files): What format of deliverable you are expecting to receive.