Find out how to best utilize your Graphic Designer and the support system they will have to make your user experience seamless.


Tell me more about my new assistant.

Every virtual graphic designer is highly skilled not only in graphic design software but also on conceptual, sketching and creative graphic design process. They can be your consultan in terms of aesthetic and eye on details task you have to complete, from concept to final deliverable files, for print or digital media. They can be reached from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (CST) by Skype or any project/task management too. To support your needs, task and projects.

Your hand-picked virtual graphic designer, project manager, design manager and all members of team behind our service works in well equipped office space, with atate of the art IOS and Windows workstations and receives vacation pay and benefits. Our operating offices are located in U.S. Mountain Time, thus it's easy to adapt to any Continental US or Canadian time zone.

What is their education level?

All our graphics designers are Bacherlor's degree in Graphic Design (5 years of College Career)

What type of programs can the assistant use?

All of the ZEUS Graphics Designers have experience using Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign) plus Google Drive Tools, Dropbox, and most are proficient in CRMs such as Basecamp, and task/project management tools as, ClickUp, Trello, Slack, Asana, etc. To discuss further, Schedule a call or email us to info@zeustudio.com

I might upgrade to full time in the following months, will my assistant be available?

We will do our best to arrange your graphic designer workload to make sure they are available for you. However, check with us as it is a case-by-case basis. Also since designers have different skills you can opt do not select any designer more suitable for any given tasks.

Is it always the same graphic designer?

Yes, if you decide it to be that way. Since designers have different skills you can opt do not select any designer in particular for the whole plan, but let to us to assign task to the designer more suitable for any given tasks

If your virtual graphic designer is on vacation or sick, we will assign a substitute Graphic Designer that will be there to assist you.

Can we contact my virtual graphic designer by phone or video call?

No, all communication with designers is written through Skype or any other supported project/task management tool. You can call Project Manager or Design Manager in case you need it anytime Schedule a call or email us at info@zeustudio.com


Where are you located?

All of our graphics designers are located in El Salvador, Central America.

How do you secure my information?

1) Our internal non-disclosure agreement assures you we will not share any information with anyone outside of our company.

2) We can also sing any aditional non-disclosure agreement between our companies in order to protect your client's information as well,

3) No one outside of our office has access to your information: files, documents, emails, contacts, etc.

4) Most of our designers have many years working for company, are part of our family.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, we do! If you are not satisfied with the service, you can cancel before 20 hours of work, we don't charge for hours not worked before that time.

Is there a contract?

Yes, there is a contract, where we are describing the limits of the work, the terms and conditions. You are billed month-to-month and there is no cancellation fee or penalty.


Are there any additional costs to hiring virtual graphic designers?

No. Your monthly fee covers any graphic design task you may need to be completed. If you have additional questions, Schedule a call or email us to info@zeustudio.com

What happens if I go over my hours?

You will be notified by Graphic Designer or Design/Project Manager and you’ll have the option to pause service until hours restart, or upgrade your plan, or only add and pay for the amount of extra hours you need in excess at the regular hourly rate $26.00

How do you track time?

We use ClickUp (https://app.clickup.com) The hours logged are recorded day by day in the specific task for you revision. Additionally if you want we can send you a weekly report on all the time dedicated to your tasks, and money invested.

I signed up for a 40-hour package, do my hours expire?

Yes, They must be used during the 30-days that your contract includes.
However, the hours which have not been spent along the month can be calculated and converted into money (with the equivalences formula), and the amount of money which was not invested, can be discounted for the next month suscription.
We suggest to start with a small (40 hours per month) package, so you can test and avoid have unused hours at the end of the month.


Check to price here. If you feel none of our current plans meet your needs email us at info@zeustudio.com

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